The entirely renewed subwoofer Venom VX2002 line presents itself with an innovative new style, all the while leaving its soul unchanged. The passion lavished within its design is unvaried, the professionalism in its research method is constant and the maniacal care afforded in the selection of its materials is continued. The goal is to offer a reference in terms of power handling, high efficiency and acoustic quality.
The evolution of Venom subwoofer maintains all of the qualities that made it the "best-selling" line in the Venom range; however, it has grown in terms of performance and aesthetics. New aspects have been introduced that meet the most advanced needs, and contribute to the progress of in-vehicle acoustic reproduction. Every detail in the new Hertz components is a clear indication of the extreme attention Venom pays to design. The die-cast basket ensures the structure's aerodynamics, the Radial Venting System enhances the transduction efficiency, the V-cone technology is introduced in subwoofer X series.

Peak Power
5 15 25 35 40 55 65 75 85 95

Specification :

Dimension : 12 inch

Resistance : 2 x 4 ohm

Frequency Response : 40Hz - 1KHz

Power Handling : 200 - 400W

Sensitivity : 87 db